Saturday, November 18, 2017

"All Punked Up" a Disquiet Junto Project #0307: Black and White and Punk All Over

  • I actually have no thoughts about punk music as I started playing drums in 1961 and I never got into punk music although I did play at CBGB's before it was CBGB's. It was just a bar back then with an open mike night and the group I was in played there one time about 1970 or 71.
  • I found this on the web and found it interesting " No Future"
  • Broke the 5-minute song into 1-minute sections so I ended up with 5 one minute sections.
  • Used this random number generator to determine the length of the first section ( white ) of each 1-minute section. The number of seconds that was left became the black section.
  • Used this drum beat as for the black track drum Beat
  • Added a guitar track with just chords and reverb
  • Added a vocal track
  • Mastered by Landr online

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